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Prosthetics & Implants

Today, more and more people are choosing dental implants as an alternative to other traditional options. Dental implants are the newest form of replacing missing teeth. Although dental implantology is a relatively new concept (compared to traditional methods used to replace missing teeth), it is now a widely accepted alternative to dentures and other restorative work. Patients who have a single missing tooth, several missing teeth, or dentures can benefit from dental implants.

Implants consist of several parts: artificial teeth (e.g., denture teeth or crowns), a framework to hold teeth in place, and an anchor device to hold the framework and/or teeth to the implants. Many implant systems are available; we can evaluate your condition and recommend the system that will best meet your needs.


One implant can replace one missing tooth instead of using a fixed or removable bridge, which is attached to the existing teeth. Several implants can be used to replace several missing teeth where previously, only fixed cemented bridges, removable partial dentures, or complete dentures were the only option.

Historically, dental implants have been used in Europe for over 30 years and in the Western Hemisphere for over 20 years. Although dental implants give a sense of stability not existing in fixed or removable bridgework, the most important physiological reason for implants is that they confuse the body into thinking a tooth is still present and thus, the routine significant bone loss associated with the loss of teeth is almost non-existent.

Success rate:

Since the surgical and prosthetic placement of implants is very technique sensitive, the experience of the dentist should be considered. Dental implants have about a 95% success rate; this means that about 5% of dental implants will fail and need to be removed. Dental implants are now made of titanium or titanium alloys, which the body accepts very well; most joint replacements in other areas of the body are made of titanium or titanium alloys. Dental implants require the same care you would give your natural teeth. Take care of the implants and they can last a lifetime. Neglect of the implants can result in implant loss from gum and bone disease around the implants similar to that seen in natural teeth.

If you are considering dental implants, call or e-mail us to schedule a free consultation to evaluate your medical history and dental needs. We will discuss your expectations and whether you may be a candidate for implant treatment.

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