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CDG Difference

Cosmetic Dentistry

A full range of “white” fillings (even for back teeth), porcelain crown, porcelain inlays, and porcelain laminate veneers are available to maintain a “natural” look. Our aim is to avoid any dark or unsightly dentistry that might be annoying to you.


A protective coating placed on the chewing surface of back teeth for the prevention of decay. These are appropriate for children, teenagers, and adults. No one at any age enjoys even one cavity!

Fluoride Treatments

Again, appropriate for all ages to prevent decay. After the teeth have been professionally polished, the surfaces are especially receptive to a prescription dosage of fluoride. It works so well for children….adults deserve the same benefits! We even have fluoride for your use at home, if applicable.

Under Age 3

No charge for the initial exam and get acquainted visit for children under the age of three. This gives us an opportunity to share the latest ideas concerned with avoiding early dental problems.

Mirrors and Video Monitoring

These are always available during any procedure for you to observe and know exactly what is going on in your mouth---it really stimulates interest and education.

Patients can watch movies or tv during any procedure. All of our treatment rooms are equipped for this purpose.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

We will always offer to check your blood pressure and keep an accurate record with your approval. We also do an update of your health history at each visit.

Oral Cancer Screenings

We do a thorough oral cancer screening at each visit and will advise you of our findings.

Sterile Instrumentation

All dental instruments, which are used for your services, have been steam autoclaved in a sealed unit. No person or object touches your instruments until we are gloved and ready to start your procedure. Please feel free to inquire about sterilization procedures.

Gloves and Safety Glasses

Safety glasses and disposable gloves protect everyone.

Nitrous Oxide and Personalized Audio/Video Systems

We readily acknowledge the need for a “relaxed” feeling in a dental office, and along with a lot of tender loving care, we can help your attain such a feeling.

Gum Disease

Although a silent enemy, this major destructive force can threaten your entire dentition, but can be treated and/or avoided. Therefore, a complete gum assessment is done at each checkup visit. We have a competent hygiene staff who will take the time to explain your conditions and needs. We will explain and demonstrate the recommended home care aids. Educational pamphlets are available and complimentary.

Treatment Planning

No treatment is started until the need for and extent of it is fully explained. You must be content that you have a complete understanding of fees and procedures.

Long Range Treatment Planning

This gives you a chance to plan for major dental projects in the years to come.

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